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  További hírek
  Dog patrol services
Guarding, protecting of office centers
Guarding, protecting of objects
Security patrol services
Reception services
  Security guard services
Transport of money and valuables
Guarding of financial institutions
Escorting V.I.P. –s
Protection of objects
Guarding of objects
  Armed security patrol services
Gurading, protecting construction sites
Guarding, protecting sites
Guarding, protecting parking places
Guarding, protecting areas

Currently, our company employs appr. 250-280 guards which can be expanded in case of events. This figure is subject to changes due to the number of events and the change of personal protection insurances.

By choosing our colleagues we use a multi-phase filtering:

Our aim is to choose the most capable person for a particular job. Accordingly, the most prepared should react on unexpected conflicts in course of providing various jobs.

We place high emphasis on the selecting of the most prepared and reliable colleagues:

We ask for moral testimonial in case of each colleague and we also use other sources to get convinced about their probity (environmental study upon their approval, references from previous jobs). It is our basic principle that security profession has to be based on the impeccable career and the organized way of life. Further basic principle is that our colleagues should be committed to their profession, since this is the only way they can perform their duties with maximum competence.

Our most important demands concerning our future colleagues:

Communication skills
Well-groomed appearance
Proper stance
Civilized behaviour

The above criteria are of basic importanmce by choosing our guards. Obviously, the selection of the proper person depends on the particularity of the job as well as the demands of our client (site patrol service: dog patrol guard; office center security guard: guard with foreign language skills). Every colleague is in the possession of the certificates and licenses necessary to cover the position of a body guard or a guard in accordance with the Act CXXXIII. of 2005. about the Professional Chamber of Guards and Private Investigators. Persons covering guarding duties receive continuous security training. They are permanently subject to control while being on duty (patrol checking systems, alcohol breath testing). The proper providing of their duty is guaranteed not only by the compulsory legislation or the guarding- and patrol instructions, but also by the tailor-made incentive system.