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  További hírek
  Dog patrol services
Guarding, protecting of office centers
Guarding, protecting of objects
Security patrol services
Reception services
  Security guard services
Transport of money and valuables
Guarding of financial institutions
Escorting V.I.P. –s
Protection of objects
Guarding of objects
  Armed security patrol services
Gurading, protecting construction sites
Guarding, protecting sites
Guarding, protecting parking places
Guarding, protecting areas
About us

We are pleased to have your attention at our website and allow me to introduce our company in brief. The Bástya-Őr Object Ltd. was founded and started its activity in the year 2000. It was founded by experts who used to gain their wide experiences at the police as well as with other security companies, which guarantee a high level of professionalism. The Bástya-Őr Ltd. has been founded to protect his clients from getting victims or targets of the rapidly increasing trends of crime. The managers of our company have respective qualifications and experiences in security guarding (guarding of objects, security of events, body-guarding, etc) by means of safety, IT or mapower as well.



Our business policy:

Since the foundation of our company the management has paid special attention to provide a maximum service of the clients which means the high quality performance of tasks on behalf of the management and the whole staff, too.

We do our job without any compromise, since we are aware of the fact that only quality work can be considered acceptable.

Our objective is to provide sevices to our clients which fully comply with the requirements of what we were entrusted.

We keep the continuous contact between our clients and the Bástya-Őr Object Ltd. of utmost importance, since continuous contacts promote an undisturbed cooperation and the earliest remedy of errors that may occur.
By shaping our working method tha primary aim was to warrant optimal safety for our clients in a way that we should disturb them only to a minimum extent in doing their everyday job. In the spirit of the above our guards take distinct and professional actions against truculent, violent and bandit-like actions.

Our company operates always according to the current legislation and we overtake the responsibility for damages caused by the negligence or clearly evidenced failure of our employees.

Our insurance, based on the contract with the Generali Providencia Insurance Company provides a guarantee up to the limit of 200.000.000 HUF.

On annual basis: 200.000.000 HUF.
Per damage: 20.000.000 HUF.

Yours sincerely:

Péter Pálinkás – managing director