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  További hírek
  Dog patrol services
Guarding, protecting of office centers
Guarding, protecting of objects
Security patrol services
Reception services
  Security guard services
Transport of money and valuables
Guarding of financial institutions
Escorting V.I.P. –s
Protection of objects
Guarding of objects
  Armed security patrol services
Gurading, protecting construction sites
Guarding, protecting sites
Guarding, protecting parking places
Guarding, protecting areas

It is of great importance how dressed and equipped our colleagues do their duty, clothing is of main priority since this is what differs our security staff from employees and visitors. Therefore remarkable emphasis is laid on the appearance of our colleagues. Our employees perform their services in the following clothing, which can be modified or supplemented according to the special demands of our clients:

Office centers:
Reception services: costumes, corresponding footwear.
Security guard: dark blue suit, blue shirt, tie, dark shoes, outdoor patrol service supplemented by blue jacket.

Site services:

Security guard:
Dark blue suit, blue shirt, tie, dark shoes. Blue shirt and dark blue pullover, dark blue uniform trousers.

Patrol services (dog patrol services)
Dark blue uniform clothes, corresponding (weather appropriate) footwear.
Dark blue piquet T-shirt, uniform trousers.

Every colleague is equipped with a personal identity card containing his/her photo, name and identity number.

Our colleagues are furnished with the following equipments depending on the nature of task of the site in question:

Gas spray
Guarding dog
Radio transceiver
Handful of firearms