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  További hírek
  Dog patrol services
Guarding, protecting of office centers
Guarding, protecting of objects
Security patrol services
Reception services
  Security guard services
Transport of money and valuables
Guarding of financial institutions
Escorting V.I.P. –s
Protection of objects
Guarding of objects
  Armed security patrol services
Gurading, protecting construction sites
Guarding, protecting sites
Guarding, protecting parking places
Guarding, protecting areas

Our security services are mainly used by enterprises as follows:

- Construction contracting companies:

For the period of construction works, mostly from afternoon until next day’s starting. At the final stage of construction works continual inspection at site.

- Car showrooms:

With respect to the fact that the showroom and the cars stored there represent a remarkable value and vehicles in- or outside the showroom my provide „good reason” for the intrusion of unauthorized persons (abuse or expropriation of cars), it is highly suggested to guard the object with all its in- and outdoor belongings.

- Facilities with (Industrial) sites and logistic centers:

The effective manpower guarding has the important duty to guard and inspect the object. The control of employees and guests entering or exiting the site, their visual inspection. Checking suppliers on the basis of their delivery notes and waybills, inspection of cars and trucks, as well as a permanent patroling within the site and restraining unauthorized persons.

- Stores, shopping centers, trading enterprises:

Today, thanks to the economic boom, one shopping center, store and other trading unit opens after the other. These attract not only customers, but also persons who don’t always come with the intention to buy. Malicious people may steal from the shelves but also steal personal belongings of customers. To prevent such undesired processes plainclothed and uniformed security guards assist the job of the employees.

Security services in office centers can be separated to two significantly different parts:

1, Reception: welcomes and guides entering guests, provides help and information to employees and visitors.

2, Security guard: their task is to maintain the order of the center. Restraining unauthorized persons, permanent patroling within the object. Inspection of the garage parking, managing actually occuring problems, etc. The nature of these tasks require the basic knowledge of at least one foreign language.

- Events security:

We undertake the smooth performance of securing company programs, friend’s meetings, other events. Our services may include in such case the inspection of the entire event including the guarding of VIP-s, their travelling as well as the security of the site.