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  További hírek
  Dog patrol services
Guarding, protecting of office centers
Guarding, protecting of objects
Security patrol services
Reception services
  Security guard services
Transport of money and valuables
Guarding of financial institutions
Escorting V.I.P. –s
Protection of objects
Guarding of objects
  Armed security patrol services
Gurading, protecting construction sites
Guarding, protecting sites
Guarding, protecting parking places
Guarding, protecting areas

To prevent undesired events and achieving the most important thing is prevention, taking appropriate decisions (which shall minimize or eliminate them) and to enforce all these.
Therefore our company makes a risk analysis at site before setting up the protcetion strategy for objects, on the basis of which we define the weak points and the security risk factors and based on these details we preapare the guarding-protection concept for the given area.
Together with the mandator we precise the excat guarding posts, their tasks and all the other rules and measures serving the security of the object and the staff. .

In order to fully keep the rules we and our mandator jointly worked out – in case of the staff at site and outer suppliers as well as visitors – we pay special attention on the training and education of our Colleagues (Security guard, Reception desk service).
Therefore we provide our colleagues with training courses so that they are aware of their jobs, duties and tasks. Consequently, our staff consists of colleagues who know the rules and keep and let keep these rules.

Our company provides tailor-made price quotations, taking into consideration the particularities of the site or the object.

Site circumstances:

Character and volume of material stored at site
Technical background

We work out the respective security concept in the possession of the above information.